12-year-old boy dies in a pedestrian accident in Lee County

Last updated Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

12-year-old boy dies in a pedestrian accident in Lee County

The Florida Highway Patrol announced that the 12-year-old Lehigh Acres boy, who suffered life-threatening injuries in a pedestrian accident in Lee County Friday, March 16, has tragically passed away.

The fatal crash occurred just before 10 PM when a westbound SUV on Lee Boulevard near Joan Avenue North failed to see the boy trying to cross. It crashed right into him, seriously injuring the boy. He was rushed to a hospital but lost his battle after two days. 

He is identified as Lucas Roulston by his aunt. She also created a GoFundMe page to cover his funeral costs. She also revealed Lucas, non-verbal and autistic, had strayed from his home and ended up dead. 

The SUV driver, a Fort Myers woman of 22, and her two passengers, 15 and 2, suffered no injuries. 

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the young boy.

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Terribly tragic pedestrian accident in Lee County

At least 11 people have died on Lee County’s roads thus far in 2023. The fact that this tragic accident killed such a young autistic child breaks our hearts.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), pedestrians have reportedly been injured or killed in 13% of vehicle-related fatalities. GHSA’s new data analysis finds that pedestrians continue to be in danger, with 3,434 pedestrians killed in the first six months of 2022, up 5% from the year before.

No matter how cautious pedestrians are, their lives are constantly at risk from reckless and unpredictable drivers. The risk of pedestrians getting hit by a speeding or distracted driver is disproportionately high in high-foot traffic areas and expressways.

The death of a loved one is a traumatic event that can change your life forever. The family’s sorrow intensifies after the accident turns out to have been caused by a negligent driver. After a loss, it’s crucial to act quickly, no matter how heartbroken you are. 

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