Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Florida?

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Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Florida?

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Car accident reports are needed for a variety of reasons. Some people need car accident reports for accident claims and others need them for investigations. Knowing when you can legally access a car accident report in Florida is important. If you suffered injuries in a recent car accident, consider talking to a Tampa accident attorney about your case.

Are Accident Reports Public in Florida?

The answer to whether Florida car accident reports are public is yes, but with time limits. Car accident reports in Florida are not available to the public until 60 days after the date of the report. When a car accident report is requested, the report may take 10 days to be processed and become available.

Those who disclose details of an accident report to someone else who should not have access could face legal problems. However, anyone who was involved in the car accident may have access to the car accident report sooner than the 60-day limit. When you need a car accident report, there are several ways you can request one:

  • Online Portal for Florida crash records
  • By mail
  • In-person

Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Florida?

To request a car accident report by mail or in person, Florida requires you to submit a Sworn Statement to Obtain Crash Report form. When you need 10 reports or more, you will be asked to write a letter about the reports needed. You will also need to include a signed statement for each accident report you need.

These car accident reports are not always free with fees ranging from $2.00 to $10.00 depending on how many reports you need. Online car accident reports are one of the fastest ways to obtain a report, usually within a few days.

Why Do I Need an Accident Report?

You might be wondering why you would need a car accident report. People who have been in an accident and are filing a claim will need a crash report. Most auto insurance companies require copies of the police report or accident report. Without the report, a car accident claim could be denied, leaving the person without compensation.

The benefits of police reports are having the exact information you need, speeding up the claims process, and avoiding legal issues. If the car accident claim went to trial, for example, the courts would require a police report. A police report serves as a piece of evidence to defend claims and lawsuits.

If you have questions about any of this, then try contacting a Tampa accident lawyer for answers. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you file the report, request the report, and use the report to defend your case. This could lead to substantial compensation.

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