Are You Suffering Vision Problems After a Car Accident?

Last updated Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Are You Suffering Vision Problems After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, some of which may not be noticed right away. If you have started noticing vision changes after a car accident with another driver, then you might be eligible for compensation. Being aware of the types of eye injuries and common symptoms can help with knowing when this might be the case. Working with a Tampa car accident attorney can make this process easier.

Types of Eye Injuries

Eye injuries range from mild to severe with the most severe injuries resulting in lifelong vision loss. The most common types of eye injuries are burn injuries, eye socket fractures, retinal detachment, foreign object injuries, and corneal abrasions.

Burn injuries to the eye can be caused by corrosive chemicals, steam, or fire coming in contact with the eye. This can result in significant pain and vision loss in some cases. Foreign object injuries happen when an object punctures or become stuck in the eye. Common examples include dirt, shattered glass, and metal objects. Vision loss may or may not result depending on the severity.

Corneal abrasions occur in a similar way. This type of injury involves foreign objects scratching the cornea of the eye. Symptoms include pain, light sensitivity, and prolonged watering of the eye. Vision loss is less likely with this type of eye injury.

Retinal detachment injuries are the most severe type of eye injury because they involve significant damage to the retina. Lifelong vision loss can result from retinal detachment injuries.

Lastly, eye socket fractures involve fractures to the bones that make up the eye socket. Stretched or torn muscles around the eye can become damaged. This may result in eye pain and limited movement until the damaged areas heal. Vision loss is not likely unless the eye was also damaged in some way.

Most Common Car Accident Eye Injuries

Some of the most common car accident eye injuries are contusions, corneal abrasions, foreign object injuries, eye hemorrhaging, and eye lacerations. Many of these eye injuries are considered severe and at risk for causing vision problems. The least common car accident eye injuries include:

  • Puncture injuriesAre You Suffering Vision Problems After a Car Accident?
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Hematomas
  • Conjunctivitis

It appears that eye injuries caused by sharp objects and debris from a car accident are the most common. Shielding the eyes during the rapid and violent nature of a car accident can be nearly impossible nearly every time. Call 911 if you suspect a severe eye injury.

Consider contacting a Tampa car accident lawyer to explore what steps you can take to secure compensation for your eye injury. You might be eligible for significant compensation.

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