Best Ways to Handle Disputes with Your Florida Car Accident Claim

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Best Ways to Handle Disputes with Your Florida Car Accident Claim

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While Florida is a no-fault insurance state, you may still face challenges to your accident claim by the auto insurance company. This is because auto insurance companies work partially as businesses and they will try to find ways to cut expenses as a result, like denying or delaying car accident claims. Some red flags of bad faith insurance tactics include making unfounded excuses for not paying you compensation. Be sure to ask a Florida Car Accident Lawyer for advice if your Florida car accident claim was unexpectedly denied.

When Florida Auto Insurance Companies Challenge Your Claim

The first thing that happens after you collect all the car accident evidence and file your Florida car accident claim is the auto insurance company assigns an insurance agent to Best Ways to Handle Disputes with Your Florida Car Accident Claimreview your claim. During this review process, your insurance agent will look at:

  • Inconsistencies
  • Errors
  • Evidence of the damages in your claim
  • Corroborating evidence like police reports and your medical records

Some insurance agents will be told to visit the car accident scene to judge how you claim the accident happened. They may also call the other driver to hear a different side of the story. Witnesses might also be brought in to corroborate certain details of your story. This is why writing down what you saw leading up to the car accident is so important to do right after the accident to ensure the details do not become lost. Lastly, the insurance agent may inspect your damaged vehicle.

Insurance companies can be sneaky and will look for ways to undermine your claim to save them money. They have been known to look at pictures on Social Media to claim that your injuries were not that severe. Confusing language might be used to make you sign away your options for compensation. You do not have to put up with excuses.

How Do I Handle a Florida Car Accident Claim Dispute?

Finding out your accident claim has been denied or delayed for the second or third time can be incredibly frustrating when you have bills to pay. You need this compensation now, but the insurance agent keeps asking you for more evidence. There are ways you can handle a disputed Florida car accident claim by:

  • Asking your insurance agent to talk with the manager
  • Working with a lawyer who can negotiate with your insurance agent
  • Submitting more evidence and hoping they will approve your claim
  • Hiring a lawyer to file a complaint or lawsuit against the insurance company

Whether you are struggling from a Florida spinal cord injury or broken bones, you might need compensation sooner than later.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

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