Bicycle Rules that Could Save Your Life

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Bicycle Rules that Could Save Your Life

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The rules of the road are helpful for decreasing your chances of an accident. Not everyone knows the bicycle rules of the road. Some of these rules might be enough to prevent an accident and potentially save your life. Bicycle accident injuries are often severe and life-threatening. Feel free to contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer if you were in a Florida bicycle accident caused by a negligent driver.

Helpful Florida Bicycle Laws to Know

Not everyone realizes how many Florida bicycle laws there are. At the same time, most people do not have the time to learn every law. Looking at the most important ones can be helpful though. Some of the most helpful bicycle laws to know include:

  • A bicycle cannot carry more than one person unless the bicycle is designed that way
  • Any bicycle rider under age 16 must wear a helmet
  • Bicyclists must ride either in a bicycle lane or as close to the right as possible
  • All bicyclists operate under similar laws to pedestrians in terms of crossing the street
  • Not wearing a helmet cannot be used against the bicyclist in terms of negligence

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There are some exceptions to bicyclists riding as close to the right as possible. A bicyclist who needs to pass someone up or turn left can veer slightly from the bicycle lane. The same goes for bicyclists trying to avoid an obstacle or accident. For one-way lanes, a bicyclist can ride close to the left when two lanes exist.

Bicycle Safety Tips for the Road

Two of the most well-known bicycle safety tips for the road are wearing a helmet and reflective clothing. Make sure the helmet is not too loose. Otherwise, this can defeat the purpose of the helmet and lead to a head injury.

If you do not have reflective clothing, try to put reflective materials on your bicycle. This is especially important for bicyclists traveling at night. You can do this with bicycle wheel lights, reflective helmets, and reflectors that fit on the bike itself.

When it comes to specific rules of the road, there are a few that can help prevent an accident. In busy traffic, be extra vigilant. Feel free to use hand signals when turning to reduce the risk of a collision. Avoid crossing streets without crosswalks. You might be held liable for an accident.

Try to ride single file when riding in a group. Veering too much on the road itself can easily lead to major accidents. The last thing you want to do is have to deal with major injuries and legal issues. However, if you do find yourself in an accident, consider contacting a Tampa accident lawyer for help.

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

A bicycle accident can result in major injuries that can take months to heal from. Do not hesitate to call the Rebein Law Firm at (813) 305-7285 to speak with a Florida accident attorney for a free consultation today. Our Tampa accident lawyers might be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries and lost wages. We are located in the Florida cities of Tampa, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco, and Polk County.

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