Can I Be Compensated for Airbag Injuries?

Last updated Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Can I Be Compensated for Airbag Injuries?

Not everyone realizes how many injuries can be caused by airbags during a car accident. The rapid speed that an airbag requires to deploy in enough time to reduce injuries has been known to lead to injuries. Many people are left wondering if these injuries are also eligible for compensation. Talk to a Tampa personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Types of Airbag Injuries

Being aware of the most common types of airbag injuries may help you identify whether you suffered an airbag injury. Car accidents happen so fast, it can be difficult Can I Be Compensated for Airbag Injuries?to figure out what caused certain injuries. Many people do not figure this out until they start examining the details after the car accident.

Side airbags, steering wheeling airbags, and dashboard airbags have all been known to cause injuries. Various factors play into what increases the chances of an airbag injury like the type of car accident, car accident severity, and age. Older adults and children might be more susceptible to airbag injuries depending on different factors.

Some of the most commonly injured areas of the body from airbags are the head, chest, spine, and extremities. The extremities include injuries to the legs and arms. Injuries can range from soft tissue damage to bone fractures, depending on the severity of the impact. Stronger impact injuries tend to be more severe.

Other injuries that may result from airbags include concussions, whiplash, and burn injuries. Chemicals from the airbag deployment process can sometimes burn the face, eyes, and neck. In some cases, friction burns to the skin can occur when the skin rubs abruptly against the airbag during a car accident.

How Common Are Airbag Injuries?

Most airbag injuries were more common when these inventions were first developed. As to be expected with any new innovation, early airbag systems had flaws. Many of these flaws that resulted in around 290 deaths by airbags between 1990 and 2008 have been reduced.

These adjustments included lowering the energy of airbag deployment, weight sensors, and recalls for faulty airbags. Suffering injuries from a recalled or defective airbag may involve a different type of lawsuit. This usually means filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective airbag instead of a car accident lawsuit.

Consider contacting a Tampa car accident lawyer if you are wondering what legal actions to take to secure your compensation. Depending on what happened, you could be eligible for compensation for your airbag injuries. This could be the case whether your injuries were caused by another driver or a defective airbag.

A lawyer can help you collect evidence and explore your options for compensation. You might be eligible for additional compensation depending on what happened.

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