Delayed Pain After a Car Accident? It’s Not Too Late to Get Compensated

Last updated Monday, December 11th, 2023

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Delayed Pain After a Car Accident

Life gave you a second chance if you got away from a car accident without any severe injuries or losing a loved one. That’s why you should value this second chance and seek medical attention immediately. 

You’re probably wondering – “why should I waste money getting tested if there’s nothing wrong?” Because you don’t really know if anything is wrong. Not yet!

That tiny bump on your abdomen could be covering up the internal bleeding. 

Your headache could be a symptom of a concussion. 

Your lower back pain may be triggered by a slipped disk. 

But you’ll never know until your doctor looks closer and gives you the clear. Most victims don’t realize that the adrenaline jump they experience in a car accident can initially cover up the pain of these injuries.  

Don’t be in a hurry to take the first offer your insurance company throws at you. They may force you to accept unfair compensation and get you to sign papers that release them from liability. 

You need an experienced car accident attorney to give you the clarity and compensation you deserve. 

At Rebein Law, our team of experienced car accident injury attorneys will review your case for FREE and tell you what your case is worth upfront.

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Understanding Delayed Pain After Auto Accidents

The human body is truly amazing at protecting itself from danger. Now there can be two kinds of danger:

  • Short-term danger – life-and-death situations like car accidents, construction accidents, natural disasters, etc.
  • Long-term danger – lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, concussions, broken ribs, etc.

Your adrenaline levels spike instantly when you’re in an auto accident to protect you from the most immediate and dangerous threat. 

Here are some interesting symptoms of this powerful self-preservation response:

· Sudden boost in energy.

· Negligible pain.

· Sudden increase in your body’s oxygen flow.

· Huge boost in muscular strength. 

· Sudden sharp focus of vision and hearing. 

It almost sounds like you’re temporarily superhuman. But the keyword here is – temporary.

It’s just the body’s defense mechanism in a life-and-death scenario kicking in. However, when your adrenaline levels return to normal, you become more conscious of the pain and discomfort in different parts of your body. It feels like you’re experiencing delayed pain after the accident.

It can take hours or days after your accident for this pain to kick in. 

What feels like a minor inconvenience today may become a major problem tomorrow. 

Now it’s your turn to protect the body from long-term danger.

Common Types of Delayed Pain After Auto Accidents 

The speed and intensity of a car crash makes it unpredictable to know how many injuries you’ve sustained and how severe they are. 

A shattered leg or a deep gash on your forearm may catch your attention, but you could be missing out on treating many other dangerous injuries.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of car accident injuries related to delayed pain:

Soft Tissue Injuries

Lumps, joint issues, limited range of motion, swelling, and muscle cramping are the most apparent symptoms of soft tissue injuries. They are far too common yet often difficult to spot initially. They can last for a long time if left untreated. 

For instance, whiplash can lead to chronic neck pain, making daily work challenging for months.


It’s not just your vehicle that crashes when you’re in an accident. Your brain crashes against your skull, which can lead to a mild or severe concussion depending on the intensity of the car crash. 

Concussions are often the most overlooked injuries because they may show up with only minor symptoms like headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, memory issues, mood swings, or shifts in sleep patterns. However, they can be dangerous enough to lead to strokes. 

Pedestrian Accident Injuries From Car Accident

Back Pain

Car accidents can easily lead to slipped discs, sprains and other spinal issues because of the force of the impact. If your spine is out of alignment, it can lead to pinched nerves, numbness, limited mobility, or tingling sensations. 

Your spine is as vital as your brain. It controls most of your body movement. So it’s dangerous to ignore any spinal injuries after your car accident.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain after your car accident may be triggered by internal bleeding. The signs of internal bleeding in your spleen, stomach, liver, and pancreas are often barely visible.

It’s hard even for physicians to diagnose it unless they conduct some X-ray scans, sonography, or MRI scans. 

Watch out for symptoms like purple bruising, dizziness, or shortness of breath. They could be signs of internal bleeding. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common signs of delayed pain after an auto accident? 

Your body will start revealing symptoms of undiagnosed injuries once your adrenaline levels return to normal. 

Here are the most common signs of delayed pain after an auto accident to watch out for:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Muscle soreness
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Sudden change in sleep patterns 
  • Problems with memory recall
  • Numbness or tingling in your limbs
  • Light sensitivity
  • Changes in behaviour

How long after an auto accident can delayed pain occur? 

It depends on when the body’s hormonal levels return to normal once there’s no immediate life-and-death threat to face.

Delayed pain could arise in your body anywhere between a few hours after the accident and a few days.

What should I do if I experience delayed pain after an auto accident? 

Seek medical attention right after your accident to confirm how many injuries you’ve suffered and how severe they are. Then, get an official diagnosis and follow your physician’s treatment.

How can delayed pain after an auto accident be diagnosed and treated? 

It’s easy to overlook injuries even though you’re going through them. But your doctor has years of experience identifying symptoms of hidden injuries. They use their medical expertise and a series of tests and scans to diagnose you properly. 

Once that’s out of the way, you must follow the tried-and-tested treatment and rehabilitation that have helped millions of car accident victims recover.

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment for delayed pain after an auto accident? 

Yes. You can file a claim under your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage or other policies you’ve purchased to get compensated for your delayed pain. 

How can I prove that my pain is related to an auto accident? 

Seek medical attention right after your accident to confirm whether you’re truly out of danger or not. Naturally, you can use your diagnosis and treatment details to get the right insurance coverage for your recovery. 

Can I still receive compensation for delayed pain even if I didn't seek medical attention immediately after the accident?

Florida insurance providers require you to seek medical attention within 14 days of the auto accident to qualify for an injury claim.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get any compensation.

You still have four years to file a claim against the driver at fault to seek compensation for your injuries, damages, and lost wages. 

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