How Does Tailgating Cause Florida Car Accidents?

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How Does Tailgating Cause Florida Car Accidents?

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Similar to speeding, tailgating is something almost everyone has engaged in at least once in their lives. Since tailgating involves following another driver too closely, Florida car accidents can happen easily when the driver in the front unexpectedly brakes. Being on either end of this accident can result in major damages including expensive medical bills and car repair costs. You may not have to pay for these. Talk to a Florida Accident Lawyer to explore your options for compensation.

Risks of Florida Tailgating

Not everyone realizes the inherent risks of Florida tailgating and why those risks can increase the chances of a rear-end car accident. Many people are not fully aware of what the difference between tailgating and normal distancing from other vehicles is. There is a simple two-second test you can follow to determine whether you are following the vehicle in front of you too closely.

All you have to do is count two seconds after the vehicle in front of you passes an object or building on the side of the road. You fail this two-second test if you pass the same object or building in under two seconds. This means you are following the car in front of you too closely and need to back up a little more. This two-second rule extends to four seconds in poor weather that could affect your ability to brake.How Does Tailgating Cause Florida Car Accidents?

The main risks of tailgating involve:

  • Not being able to brake in time before hitting the other vehicle
  • Suffering injuries from a collision
  • Losing control of your vehicle when you do not have enough time to brake
  • Risking cars behind you impacting the back of your car when you hit the car in front of you

Steps to Take After a Florida Rear-End Accident

There are several Florida car accident steps that can save you time and money. Not taking some of these steps could result in missing out on compensation and facing potential legal issues. The first steps you should take after a rear-end car accident include:

  • Safely exiting your car
  • Checking yourself for injuries that could worsen with movement
  • Checking on others and removing them from danger
  • Calling 911 for police and paramedics when anyone is injured

You will want the police there so you can obtain a copy of the police report for your personal injury claim. Other evidence you can collect to support your claim includes:

  • Your medical records
  • Paystubs with lost wages
  • Pictures of your injuries and vehicle damages

Feel free to contact a Florida accident lawyer for guidance when your claim is delayed or denied.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

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