How Many Blind Spots Do Large Trucks Have?

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How Many Blind Spots Do Large Trucks Have?

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Not everyone realizes how many more blind spots large trucks have compared to other cars. One way to decrease your chances of a large truck accident in Florida is by being wary of these extra blind spots. However, if you went through an accident like this and suffered injuries, you could be eligible for compensation. Talk to a Tampa truck accident attorney if you find yourself struggling to obtain compensation after the accident.

Where Are the Blind Spots of a Large Truck?

There are four main blind spots on most 18-wheelers and other large trucks. Part of avoiding these large truck blind spots means knowing where they are. If you know where a truck’s blind spot is, you know where you are safe versus unsafe.

Unlike other cars, large trucks have larger blind spots that leave more room for not seeing other cars on the road. There are two small blind spots in the front and back of How Many Blind Spots Do Large Trucks Have?a large truck. This means large truck drivers cannot see cars right in front of them or right behind them.

Two larger blind spots exist on both sides of a large truck. The blind spot on the right side tends to be larger since the driver is driving in the left side of the truck. Up to three drivers could potentially be hidden from view on a large truck driver’s right side. Whereas, only about two drivers might be hidden on the left blind spot.

The blind spot to the left can extend up to two lanes from the large truck. However, the outermost lane is the largest blind spot with the innermost lane only concealing one car at a time. One of the best safety tips for you is to stay away from these blind spots. That means no tailgating large trucks and being cautious when passing.

What Causes Large Truck Accidents?

Blind spots play a large role in accidents with large trucks. Other factors coupled with these blind spots can increase the chances of a truck accident. Some of the most common causes of large truck accidents include:

  • Distracted driving like texting while driving
  • Reckless driving like tailgating
  • Failing to yield to a large truck
  • Speeding

Passing large trucks is almost always tempting but can be dangerous when a driver pushes the limits. Drivers increase their risk of an accident when they:

  • Speed to pass a large truck
  • Pass a large truck in a no-pass lane
  • Tailgate a large truck to let them pass
  • Engage in any other reckless driving to pass a large truck

If you were in an accident, consider contacting a Tampa personal injury lawyer to explore your legal options. You might be eligible for significant compensation.

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