How to Avoid Construction Site Workplace Injuries

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How to Avoid Construction Site Workplace Injuries

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Construction site accidents can cause major injuries that can permanently impact a person’s life. Due to the variety of accidents that can happen at construction sites, these injuries range from mild to severe. Some people are able to recover right away and return to work, but not everyone. If you suffered serious injuries from a construction site accident, then consider asking a Tampa construction accident attorney for help.

Most Common Construction Site Injuries

Being aware of common construction site accidents and injuries may help you avoid them in the future. Some of the most common construction site fatalities are caused by:

  • Falls
  • Struck-by accidents
  • Electrocutions
  • Caught-in or between accidents

Many of these fatalities happen because of a lack of safety, not following guidelines, and taking risks. Not knowing how to operate certain machinery or tools could also play a role in these incidents. However, some of these accidents happen because of a simple unforeseen mistake.

How to Avoid Construction Site Workplace Injuries

Falls, for example, can happen unexpectedly when someone loses their footing. Struck-by accidents can happen when a worker loses their grip on a heavy object. Becoming caught in something can happen when a worker thinks they can fit their hand in a small area.

Predicting many of these accidents can be difficult but following certain safety guidelines can reduce the risk. Become aware of all the safety rules of your workplace and ask questions when you are unsure about a task. Asking questions might be all it takes to prevent a major accident.

If you suffered an injury and are having trouble filing an accident claim, consider contacting a Tampa construction accident lawyer who can help. An experienced lawyer can help you collect evidence and defend your claim for substantial compensation.

Ways to Avoid Construction Site Injuries

There are several ways you can reduce your chances of experiencing a construction-related injury in the future. One of the most important construction site safety tips is to remain aware of your surroundings. So many accidents happen because something was not noticed or someone did not double-check something.

Try to avoid using damaged tools or malfunctioning equipment. Workplaces are expected to provide a certain level of safety to workers. Consider bringing this up with your supervisor if you feel like the issue is serious and could cause an accident.

The same goes for scaffoldings. Unstable scaffolding can not only injure you but several other workers if left unchecked or unreported. In terms of other potential hazards:

  • Inspect new areas before taking moving forward
  • Try not to carry things with one hand when climbing
  • Know where the first aid kits are
  • Be cautious and try to avoid exposed or damaged wires

Tampa Construction Accident Lawyer

You may not always be covered for your workplace injuries. Feel free to call the Rebein Law Firm by dialing (813) 305-7285 to talk to a Florida personal injury lawyer for a free consultation today. Our legal team of Tampa accident attorneys might be able to help you obtain additional compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. We serve clients in the Florida cities of Tampa, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco, and Polk County.

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