How to Support Your Car Accident Claim with Evidence

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How to Support Your Car Accident Claim with Evidence

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Evidence is everything when it comes to filing a strong car accident claim for compensation. The more evidence you have, the greater your chances are of filing a successful claim. There are several ways you can collect evidence and document the damages you suffered from the accident. Talk to a Tampa car accident lawyer to figure out what steps to take for your claim.

How to Collect Car Accident Evidence

Most of the process of collecting car accident evidence happens right after the car accident at the accident scene. If your injuries allow you to, collecting evidence after the accident can help you preserve key evidence for your claim. Many people wonder what this means. Collecting car accident evidence looks like:

  • Taking pictures of your injuries and car accident damages with yourHow to Support Your Car Accident Claim with Evidence smartphone
  • Collecting pertinent information from the other driver
  • Writing down witness statements along with their basic contact information

Information you want from the other driver includes their full name, auto insurance company name and policy number, driver’s license number, contact information, and license plate number. Also write down the model, color, and other details regarding the other driver’s vehicle. Do not share more information than needed. For example, you would not want to share your auto insurance coverage limits.

You can also record videos of any damages to your vehicle. This might provide greater details for the auto insurance company and might improve your chances. Write down what led to the accident, where the accident occurred, and when. Sketching a diagram of the car accident is recommended but if this proves difficult, the police might be able to do this.

Be sure to contact 911 for police and paramedics if anyone was injured. Police should still be contacted if no one is injured, but severe property damages are present. You will want a copy of the police report and your medical records.

Ways to Document Your Injuries

There are also important ways to document car accident injuries that will strengthen your claim. This will serve as evidence of the damages you suffered. Many people recommend seeking medical attention despite not noticing any injuries. Some injuries go undetected and the longer you wait, the harder they are to tie to the accident.

Keeping a medical diary, especially for chronic and severe injuries, is highly effective for proving pain and suffering damages. Detail daily struggles caused by your injury along with treatments, medical costs, medications, and travel expenses for medical appointments. Include dates and times.

Try contacting a Tampa accident lawyer for legal advice if you have any questions. An experienced lawyer can help you file your car accident claim.

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