Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

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Lane splitting is something that varies in terms of legality in each state. There are inherent benefits and risks of lane splitting for motorcyclists. In the event that a motorcycle accident does occur, knowing what to do is important for your finances. Taking certain steps can increase your chances of maximum compensation. Be sure to talk to a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer if this happened to you.

What is Lane Splitting?

The action of lane splitting or lane sharing involves a motorcyclist driving on the lines that separate road lanes to pass between cars. This method is possible for motorcycles that are small enough to move between drivers on the road. One of the most commonly cited benefits is being able to move between and pass up congested traffic.

Many motorcyclists are tempted to engage in lane splitting to save time and escape traffic jams. This is especially true for motorcyclists who are running late, need to be somewhere soon, or just struggle with impatience. However, not everyone agrees that lane splitting is safe.

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

Some people point to examples of lane splitting leading to tragic traffic accidents. Lane splitting becomes increasingly dangerous on wet roads, in busy traffic, and at intersections. Many motorcycle accidents happen because a driver failed to see the motorcyclist.

What lane-splitting might do is place the motorcyclist in a much harder place to detect, the blind spot. Drivers have blind spots on the right and left sides of their vehicles. The small size of most motorcycles makes it harder for drivers to see them in their blind spots. Accidents can easily happen when the driver pulls into the other lane and fails to notice the motorcyclist.

Driver expectations are thought to play a role in accidents related to lane splitting. Most drivers do not ever expect a motorcyclist to be in their blind spot. This is especially true when a driver is in the lane beside them.

Florida Laws on Lane Splitting

Current Florida lane-splitting laws state that motorcyclists must remain in their appropriate lane. Motorcyclists are not allowed to drive between lanes of traffic or rows of cars. In other words, lane splitting is illegal in the state of Florida.

If a motorcyclist is caught lane splitting, there could be a noncriminal traffic violation charge. This might mean being fined and facing liability issues if a traffic accident occurs. Engaging in lane splitting is considered negligent since this action is against the law in Florida.

This means you may have a hard time obtaining compensation as a motorcyclist if you engaged in lane splitting. Try contacting a Tampa accident lawyer to explore your legal options. A lawyer can help you defend yourself in court and increase your chances of compensation.

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