Is There a Difference Between a Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Accident?

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Is There a Difference Between a Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Accident?

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Falls happen unexpectedly and can lead to serious injuries in some cases. Medical expenses for severe falls can add up fast. Knowing the difference between a trip and fall versus a slip and fall is important for your claim. Filing a personal injury claim means you could be compensated for any injuries you suffered from the fall. Talk to a Tampa slip and fall accident attorney if you have questions about how to sue.

Trips Vs Falls

When it comes to fall accidents, these can be caused by trips and falls or slips and falls. Slip and fall accidents not only involve the usual wet floor but they can also include scenarios like:

  • Ice in parking lots or on sidewalks
  • Any fluid left on a walking area
  • Waxed floors

Trip and fall accidents are different because they specifically involve tripping and then falling. Anything from loose wires to objects on the floor can cause trip and fall accidents. Uneven floors and stairs can also lead to serious falls.

Some fall accidents, like uneven floors, can be difficult to categorize as a slip or trip and fall accident. Poor lighting, damaged sidewalks, and poorly designed spaces can all contribute to fall accidents. When figuring out whether you can sue, you will need to consider all these factors.

Is There a Difference Between a Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Accident?

Consider contacting a Tampa accident lawyer to explain your situation. Tell your lawyer what happened and what you think caused your fall. Include any details on the circumstances and environment surrounding your fall. Certain factors will play a role in whether you can sue the property owner for compensation.

How to Sue for a Fall Accident

According to Florida slip and fall laws, you might be able to sue the property owner. However, this only works under certain conditions. The property owner must have known directly or should have known about what caused you to fall.

You must prove the dangerous condition that caused your fall. This means evidence of the loose wires, slippery surface, uneven flooring, or anything else that caused your fall. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to take pictures as evidence of this dangerous condition.

The evidence you have will be submitted as a premises liability claim. Your claim could be challenged if the property owner claims they did not know about the dangerous condition. Defending your claim against this can prove difficult depending on various factors.

Feel free to ask a lawyer for help if you have any questions or concerns. A lawyer can help you collect the evidence and information needed to defend your claim. You could be compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Tampa Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

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