Reasons to Avoid Social Media During a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Reasons to Avoid Social Media During a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Not everyone realizes how much a social media post can impact their personal injury claim. You could lose all your chances at compensation with one wrong social media post. This is because some auto insurance companies keep surveillance on people during the claims process. Some insurance companies will use any excuse they can to deny your claim. Do not hesitate to talk to a Tampa personal injury lawyer if you have concerns.

Surveillance and Other Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

There are several auto insurance tricks out there that can be used to deny your claim. You do not have to fall for these if you are aware of them. One way that insurance companies can deny your claim is if you make a post they consider contradictory on social media.

This could be any social media post that implies your injuries are not as severe as you claimed. Any picture or written post you make could be misinterpreted and used against you. Posting an old photo of yourself before you were injured might be used against your claim too.

Reasons to Avoid Social Media During a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many insurance companies will also deny claims for no reason, and when you investigate their decision, they will either make faulty excuses or ignore your complaints. This is because some insurance companies reward insurance agents who deny claims with promotions. The goal is to save money and denying more claims means making more money.

Other tactics involve tricking you into signing away your rights to compensation, delaying your claim, and using confusing wording. You do not have to put up with this. Consider contacting a Tampa accident lawyer if you find yourself in this situation. A lawyer might be able to help you file a bad faith insurance claim.

How to Defend Your Disputed Personal Injury Claim

The first action you can take after finding out your personal injury claim was denied is to ask to talk to the supervisor. You can ask why your claim was denied but you might hear excuses and more confusing jargon. The next step you could take is to file a complaint with your local department of insurance, but this may also be denied.

When you want results fast, you may have to try arbitration where your side and the insurance agent’s side are heard. If an agreement is reached, the insurance agent must agree to the terms of the settlement. However, the insurance company may try to avoid this too.

You can also talk with a lawyer about filing a personal injury lawsuit or bad faith lawsuit if you suspect the insurance company wrongfully denied your claim.

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