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Settlement in a head-on collision with commercial vehicle resulting in severe neck and back injuries


Settlement in a negligent security wrongful death case.


Settlement in a rear-end collision resulting in neck surgery


Settlement of truck accident resulting in severe scarring on the client’s face and hands.


Settlement of a tow truck accident resulting in cervical fusion surgery.


knee surgery in a car accident.


car accident resulting in hand surgery -


policy limits tender for accident in a rental car resulting in knee surgery


mediation settlement in car accident resulting in back surgery back surgery


settlement of a car accident case resulting in shoulder surgery


policy limits tender in car accident case resulting in a brain injury


car accident settlement involving herniations in the neck and back


policy limits tender involving neck surgery


policy limits tender under Uninsured Motorist Policy for back and neck injuries resulting in injections


policy limits tender in a motorcycle accident resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury

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