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How Can Rebein Law Help After Your Tampa Auto Accident

Car accidents can turn your life upside down in seconds and the last thing you need to worry about after being in one is the legal nonsense that insurance companies make you jump through to get a settlement.

That’s where the experienced Tampa car accident lawyers of Rebein Law come in. Our team is here to handle ALL the paperwork and legal steps required to get you the biggest possible settlement for your accident.

We understand the medical issues that can result from auto accidents. We will prepare a thorough demand letter that details your injuries and medical treatment. We will negotiate with the insurance company to maximize your recovery.

Once your settlement comes, we will help you negotiate down balances on ambulance and hospital bills to be sure you get to take home as much of the settlement as possible. So, when you ask yourself what Rebein Law can do for you after being hurt in a car accident just remember the easier question is… “What can’t we do to help you and your family?”

Car Accident Statistics in Tampa Florida

Florida is notorious for the number of accidents that occur on our highways and roadways. To give you an idea of how dangerous it can be to drive here in Florida, on average there are 1,000 car accidents Every. Single. Day. 

  • 2018 the total Florida car accidents were: 403,626
  • 2019 the total Florida car accidents were: 401,867
  • 2020 the total Florida car accidents were: 341,399
  • 2021 the total Florida car accidents were: 401,170
  • …And in 2022 up until Nov 24, 2022, there were 340,747

Perhaps the better question is how many people are actually hurt in these accidents. The total number of people injured in Florida car accidents in 2022 up until Nov 24, 2022, is 216,681. Of that number 2,726 ended in death. 

These are staggering statistics and, if you’ve been in an accident, then you know that it can happen to anyone. Our lawyers here at Rebein Law are experienced in handling personal injury legal cases from all types of auto accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured, we are here to give you the support you need and deserve.

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Hurt In A Car Accident?

Our dedicated team of Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers will fight for the settlement you deserve so you can find you way forward again.

What Are the Average Injury Settlements for Tampa Car Accidents?

How Much Should I Settle For My Car Accident?

When it comes to how much you can expect from your car accident claim here in Tampa there is no quick answer and beware of anyone who gives you one because it takes a bit of research and is 100% based on different factors that are unique to your case. Generally speaking, there are 3 main factors when calculating a potential settlement from a personal injury case from a car accident. 

How Badly Were You Hurt?

The seriousness of your injury weighs heavily on your potential settlement amount. So, if you have bumps and bruises and didn’t need any medical treatment then chances are you aren’t going to qualify for a personal injury case. However, if you broke your leg or needed surgery then that would be mean you were badly injured in your accident and would mean a potentially bigger payout from the insurance company.

This is how a serious injury is defined by the Florida 2022 statutes

“Serious bodily injury” means an injury to a person, including the driver, which consists of a physical condition that creates a substantial risk of death, serious personal disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member or organ. 

How Much Insurance is There?

Insurance coverage is where your settlement will come from. The reason you hire a car accident lawyer from Rebein Law is that we are experienced at finding ALL possible insurance coverage. Yes, there is car insurance but there is also different types of insurance and other people and even larger companies who are at fault and can be sued as well. Many times, there are insurance policies that our client didn’t even know existed or could be used that way.

Who Was at Fault For the Accident?

If you ran a red light and caused the car accident that you were hurt in, then you can’t sue someone else for the accident. That’s where fault comes into play in Tampa. If the other person is at fault for your accident, then they’re responsible for your damages.

However, it’s not that cut and dry because fault is not black and white. There is a degree of fault that can be given to all parties involved in your accident.

Florida has a pure comparative fault rule. That means that the state of Florida allows the plaintiff to claim damages for the exact percentage of the fault that is assigned to them by a court.

So, you can claim damages for 10% of damages even if you were assigned 90% of the fault of the accident. I could give you a complicated formula with unknown variables like insurance coverage and such. Instead, I will say that this is another reason you want to work with our lawyers. We deal with these complicated details every day, and it’s our job to handle them so that you can focus on your recovery!

If I Shared Fault in a Tampa Car Wreck, Can I Still Get Compensation?

The short answer is, Yes! Florida has a pure comparative fault rule. That law means that, even if you were found somewhat at fault for your accident you could still be eligible for compensation for your lost income, medical bills, and more.  

How the jury assigns fault to everyone involved in your accident is very important to your personal injury case. That’s how our attorneys can help. Once you’re a client of ours we will:

  • Immediately begin working to collect evidence.
  • Research all possible insurance coverage.
  • If needed, hire an accident reconstruction specialist and other experts to help prove your case.
  • Negotiate a settlement from the other party’s insurance company.
  • If necessary, we’ll file a lawsuit and bring your case to court.
  • Our legal team will be there to represent you during the trial.

When Do I Need to Contact a Tampa Car Accident Attorney?

The sooner the better. When it comes to car accident legal cases, it’s easy to do the wrong thing and accidentally ruin the chances of a large settlement.

For example, you don’t want to give a recorded statement to an insurance company about what happened during the accident without first talking to your attorney. The insurance company is not your friend. Those agents are highly trained to do everything they can to lessen the company’s payout. For example, they may ask you innocent sounding questions designed to get you to unintentionally admit fault little by little.

Getting legal advice about your car accident from our team doesn’t cost you anything out up front. We are here to help you and we don’t make a dime until we win your case. So, if you have questions then give us a call and we’ll happily get you started in a quick stress-free way.

What Types of Crash Accidents Does Rebein Law Handle?

Car Accident

Our car accident lawyers handle any and all types of accidents that involve any type of motorized vehicle. That includes:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Rental Car Accidents
  • Rideshare Accidents involving a Lyft or Uber driver
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Motorized Bikes or Scooters
  • Boating accidents
  • ATV accidents

If it has a motor, we’re experienced in your type of case and are here to help!

What Are My Compensation Recovery Options in Florida?

The first step is to establish a solid personal injury case with our team, which is based on proving you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence. A lot of times this is easy, and the accident is very straightforward. Other times, it’s a very complicated process that includes accident reconstruction and expert witnesses.

During this process, you need to have completed your medical treatment and be recovered to the fullest you possibly can. Only then can we move away from the treatment option to the settlement option. That’s when we have a full grasp on all of your medical bills, the extent of your injuries and treatment and the amount of insurance we have to work with.

Then we use all of these facts to begin settling with the insurance company, which we’ll outline in more details below. Once the case is settled and your medical bills are paid will you be given your accident settlement compensation check.

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Florida?

You have four years to file a car accident lawsuit in Florida. That’s four years from the date of your car accident. If you try to file a claim after four years, then it will most likely get thrown out of court.

If we are pursuing a wrongful death claim, it is two years. 

This law is called Florida’s statute of limitations. Specifically, Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a) and it’s focused on suing someone because of injury due to negligence.

What Are the Typical Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident?

Your injuries are as unique as the accident itself. However, because there are a large number of the same types of accidents (your car was rear ended, t-boned because someone ran a stop light, hit while a car was changing lanes too close on the Interstate, etc.) there are large numbers of the same types of injuries. Some of them will be obvious and others not as well know.

The most common car accident injuries we see are broken arms, wrists, legs, and ribs. Depending on the severity of the break these breaks can need simple casts to repair or, if the break is very bad, then multiple surgeries and extensive rehab is required to make as full a recovery as possible.

Basically, there are two types of common car accident injuries:

  1. Impact Injuries – this is when a part of your body hits, or is hit by, another object. Think of your face against the airbag or your arm against the inside of your car door. That impact can cause everything from a traumatic head injury (TBI) or fatal internal bleeding.
  1. Penetrating Injuries – this is when something penetrates your skin and body to cause you harm. These injuries come from things like loose objects in your car embedding into your skin, broken class from the windshield cutting your eye or parts of your vehicle that have stabbed into your body.

Here’s a quick list of the car accident injuries that we see the most of:

  • Broken arms, wrists, legs, and ribs
  • Whip lash and other neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Small tissue injuries
  • Concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and other head injuries
  • Bruising, contusions, scrapes, cuts, and lesions
  • Spinal cord injuries or paralysis
  • Facial injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Burns
  • Scars and disfiguration
  • Pain and distress

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Rebein Law for Car Accident Representation?

Rebein Law is a Personal Injury Law Firm that works on a Contingency fee basis, which means there are zero upfront fees and absolutely nothing until we win your case. If we don’t win – we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

That makes it an easy decision to give us a call for FREE legal advice so we can help you understand all your legal options. There is no pressure to sign on as a client of ours. Just know, that once you are a client of ours, we will immediately start working to establish all the facts and evidence we need to get you the biggest possible settlement.

What are the Primary Causes of Florida Car Accidents?

Woman Sitting Against Car

Overwhelmingly, study after crash statistic study, has shown the driver error causes as much as 94% of Florida car accidents. This comes at no surprise, considering how little respect many drivers give to the fact that they’re solely responsible for a machine that weights 2,200 pounds – at minimum.

Out of that 94% of accidents resulting from human error, 41% were caused by people who were driving distracted. They’re driving while doing things like texting, listening to loud music, talking or arguing with other people in their cars and so on.

The seven leading causes of Florida car crashes are dominated by human error and include:

  • Driving distracted
  • Driving too fast
  • Ignoring traffic laws
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Driving recklessly
  • Bad road conditions
  • Weather

Florida’s PIP Insurance Defined: What is PIP Insurance?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and it’s a policy through your auto insurance. Florida is one of just ten states that requires drivers to have personal injury protection (no fault) auto insurance. It was originally introduced to the state in 1971 and has been in effect ever since.

The goal behind making this insurance mandatory was to give injured drivers access a minimum of $10,000 to pay medical expenses quickly while they waited for an official personal injury claim to be settled. According to Florida state law, drivers must have $10,000 minimum PIP coverage as well as $10,000 minimum property damage liability (PDL).

How Does PIP in Florida Work?

A PIP insurance policy in Florida pays 80% of your medical bills tied to an auto accident up to the limit tied to your policy. It also pays 60% of any of your lost wages if you can’t work.

How do You File a PIP Claim?

If you were injured in an accident, then you file a claim with your own car insurance provider. To get started, just call your insurance agent and they will walk you through the process.

How Much Can I Sue for a Car Accident in Florida?

In Florida, there is currently no limit on the amount a person is allowed to seek in a car accident lawsuit. However, this is where the evidence for your car accident and the resulting injuries comes into play. You need to prove all of the damages you’re seeking and that’s why working with our experienced attorneys at Rebein Law is so critical to your big settlement.

Settling With the Insurance Company

The insurance company is not your friend. They will try to get you to give them a recorded statement regarding the accident as soon as possible. Don’t do this without talking to your attorney. If they try to take a statement and you don’t have an attorney yet, call us immediately. (813) 305-7285

When it comes to settling with an insurance company, the first thing they will do is send over the lowest possible offer. This is when your team at Rebein Law shows their expertise. We use all the evidence we’ve collected and demand the highest possible settlement based on the insurance coverage. If there is a million dollars in coverage, then we’re going to fight for it!

The insurance company will continue negotiating until we reach the final settlement, and our attorneys agree it’s the best possible number. Now, if we can’t get the insurance company to give you the number you deserve, we will file a lawsuit and take them to court. Our reputation is established with insurance companies that we fight for our clients, and we aren’t afraid to go to court to win your case.

Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a LawsuitOur experienced car accident lawyers know what your case is worth once we have all of the evidence, and we won’t let the insurance company short-change you. We will do our best to negotiate with them to get your settlement where it needs to be but if we can’t get them up to that number then we will file a lawsuit and take them to court.

Once we’ve done that, it doesn’t mean that your case will actually make it to a judge. Sometimes just that act is enough to pressure the insurance company into paying you what you deserve. The reality is that we can be negotiating for the insurance company all the way up to your court date.

However, going this route does mean that your personal injury case can take longer than it would if we had settled your case for a lower number. No matter what we will be communicating with you during this whole process, and we will make these big decisions together.

If we do go to court, our lawyers will be there to prepare you and represent you the entire time.

Let’s Get You On Your Way Forward

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