Tampa, FL – Motorcyclist Killed in Fatal Accident with Six Vehicles including Tractor-Trailer

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Tampa, FL – Motorcyclist Killed in Fatal Accident with Six Vehicles including Tractor-Trailer

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Tampa, FL (September 3, 2022) – A motorcyclist lost their life in a fatal traffic accident reported in Tampa on Saturday night, September 2. At approximately 11:00 p.m., the incident occurred on Interstate 75. 

Sources say that the wreck occurred when the 43-year-old motorcyclist was headed north on Interstate 75 near milepost 254. For unknown reasons, the man was involved in a collision and was thrown off his bike. 

Shortly after, he was struck by four vehicles, a pickup truck and a tractor-trailer. All vehicles were headed north on I-75 at the time of the accident.

The motorcyclist was pronounced deceased at the crash scene, according to information from police. Authorities in Tampa continue to investigate the details of the incident. 

We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased motorcyclist at this time. 

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Tampa, FL - Motorcyclist Killed in Fatal Accident with Six Vehicles including Tractor-TrailerPeople come to Florida every year to ride their motorcycles and enjoy the nice weather and scenery the state has to offer. Motorcycles are also a popular mode of transportation due to their economic benefits. Motorcycles are often chosen as a method of transportation due to their cost-effectiveness and level of excitement. 

Although many people enjoy riding motorcycles across our state, doing so does not come without risk. People who ride motorcycles are more likely to suffer severe injuries during traffic collisions, given the fact that they travel virtually unprotected. Consequently, many motorcyclists are killed in accidents across our state each year. Fatal motorcycle accidents can completely tear the lives of families apart. In some cases, families are able to reach out to a wrongful death lawyer in Lakeland to pursue legal action against the negligent drivers responsible for their loved one’s death.

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Note: Secondary sources were used in the creation of this post. Our team has not independently verified the facts surrounding this accident. If any information is not correct, please contact Rebein Law so that we can update the post with the most accurate information available. We will remove a post upon request.

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