Teen seriously injured in a Florida pedestrian collision

Last updated Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

Teen seriously injured in a Florida pedestrian collision

Troopers report a 13-year-old teen was seriously injured in a Florida pedestrian collision in Escambia County at the intersection of Wilde Lake Boulevard and Pine Forest Road just after 3 PM on Saturday, February 18.

Eyewitnesses told Florida Highway Patrol officers that the teenage girl, attempting to cross the road,  raced from east to west before running directly into the path of a southbound Hyundai SUV in the left lane at a green light.

Witnesses said that the girl and the driver’s vision appeared compromised by the backed-up traffic in the lane. Her injuries required her to go to a local hospital with substantial but no life-threatening injuries. The Hyundai driver was not injured.

With hopes of a speedy and complete recovery for the injured teen, we send our prayers her way.

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A Florida pedestrian crash is far too common

Given that walking populations are denser in urban areas, it should be no surprise that roughly 70% of pedestrian accidents in the country take place in cities. Serious injuries, even death, among pedestrians struck by cars, trucks, or motorcycles are common in Florida too. Despite authorities’ extensive efforts to educate pedestrians about the need for caution while crossing highways, pedestrian injuries from avoidable accidents remain relatively high.

In most cases, motorists are liable for pedestrian accidents, but pedestrians can sometimes be at fault. When determining fault, it is essential to consider each pedestrian’s and driver’s actions to establish liability.

When you or a loved one suffers an injury in a road accident, you should investigate the cause and circumstances as soon as possible. Even if you were partially responsible, compensation is usually available to cover much of your accident-related expenses. 

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