Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

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Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian accidents can happen so fast that no one has time to recognize who did what. This can make figuring out the cause of the pedestrian accident difficult. When you need compensation for damages caused by a pedestrian accident, knowing the cause becomes important. Talk with a Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer if you have questions about what steps this requires.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Many pedestrian accident causes can be summed up with four main contributing factors. The four main contributing factors to pedestrian accidents are:

  • DriversTop Causes of Pedestrian Accidents
  • Environment
  • Special conditions
  • Pedestrians

Drivers are one of the factors that are most commonly deemed at fault for pedestrian accidents. Many people automatically blame the driver for the pedestrian accident when other factors may have played a role. However, drivers could be held liable for pedestrian accidents if they:

  • Broke traffic laws like ignoring walk signals
  • Engaged in reckless driving like speeding
  • Drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Continued driving despite feeling drowsy

Some drivers make mistakes like misperceiving what the pedestrian was about to do. Other drivers may not have seen the pedestrian because the accident happened at night. Vehicle malfunctions like faulty brakes can also cause these accidents.

The environment can also result in pedestrian accidents. For example, a broken traffic light can confuse drivers and pedestrians alike, making them think they can go. Outdated or poorly maintained crossing devices contribute to this factor. Faded crosswalk lines may also confuse drivers and pedestrians.

Special conditions like inclement weather, drivers or pedestrians with disabilities, children running across the street, and one-way roads can all play a role. Construction zones introduce new rules that may throw off drivers and pedestrians. Each of these unique factors can increase the chances of a pedestrian accident.

Can Pedestrians Cause Pedestrian Accidents?

The last factor that can cause pedestrian accidents is the pedestrian’s behavior. Not everyone realizes that pedestrians can act negligently too. Pedestrians could be deemed negligent if they engaged in:

  • Jaywalking
  • Not following crosswalk signals and rules
  • Failing to use the sidewalk
  • Running across the street at the wrong time

Figuring out how the accident happened and who played a role in the accident is vital for a personal injury claim. Negligence must be proven to be compensated for the injuries that were suffered. Consider contacting a Tampa personal injury lawyer to find out what evidence this will involve.

Start collecting evidence yourself by taking pictures of your injuries and other damages. Obtain copies of the police report and your medical records. Document how the accident happened, who was involved, and the damages you suffered. The more details you have for your case, the better chances you have of winning.

Tampa Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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