Types of Premises Liability Accidents

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Types of Premises Liability Accidents

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Slipping and falling on a wet floor is not the only time you can file a premises liability lawsuit. In fact, there are many other situations where you could sue a property owner for any injuries you suffered. As long as certain conditions are met, you could receive significant compensation. The hardest part is proving what happened when the property owner tries to cover it up. Reach out to a Tampa slip and fall accident lawyer if you have any questions.

Most Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents

All premises liability accidents share a few things in common. They all involve a major accident that results in bodily harm to someone, and this incident happens on someone else’s property. The essential component that makes premises liability lawsuits work is negligence. You must prove the property owner’s negligence caused your injuries.

Slipping and falling on a wet floor only counts as negligence if the property owner failed to put up any wet floor signs. For any premises liability lawsuit to work, there must be a lack of signs or warnings that indicate the hazard that caused your injuries. Other examples of property owner negligence include:

  • Loose wires, carpets, or tape on the floorTypes of Premises Liability Accidents
  • Uneven footing and unexpected drop-offs
  • Toxic chemicals inside the premises
  • Ceilings that collapse
  • Sharp objects left hidden on the ground

Not every one of these hazards will cause someone to fall, but some will result in bodily harm. Anytime someone suffers bodily harm caused by a property owner’s negligence, that person can sue. Consider contacting a Tampa premises liability lawyer to see what steps this will take. Then you can start building your lawsuit.

When Your Premises Liability Claim is Disputed

There are certain exceptions to premises liability claims that can cause your lawsuit to be disputed. This means you could be denied compensation for any damages you suffered. Some of these exceptions include:

  • The property owner did not have actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard
  • The hazard arose before the property owner could know about the hazard
  • The hazard was unforeseeable
  • You were trespassing on the owner’s property
  • There were clear signs indicating a hazard

One of the hardest parts of proving your lawsuit is demonstrating that these exceptions do not apply to what you experienced. The property owner may lie and make other attempts to excuse what happened. This is why having an experienced premises liability lawyer might be vital for defending your claim.

Your claim will go through a process of discovery where evidence is compared, and testimonies are cross-examined. A lawyer can help you prepare a strong defense in your favor.

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