What Causes Most Florida Motorcycle Accidents?

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What Causes Most Florida Motorcycle Accidents?

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Being aware of the most common causes of Florida motorcycle accidents may not only help you with your accident claim but might also help you avoid an accident in the future. Knowing what steps to take after a serious motorcycle accident is also important for your safety and chances of receiving compensation. Filing an accident claim for compensation requires evidence, documentation, and a solid account of what happened. If the insurance company challenges or denies your claim, you can talk to a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney about your options.

Main Causes of Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by the motorcyclist or other driver, but they can also be caused by equipment malfunctions, perception errors, decision failures, reaction errors, and comprehension failures. Some of the most common causes of Florida motorcycle accidents involve perception errors. Perception errors include things like:

  • The driver not seeing the motorcyclistWhat Causes Most Florida Motorcycle Accidents?
  • Blindspot errors
  • Misperceiving what the motorcyclist or other driver was about to do
  • Failing to foresee a dangerous situation

Other drivers tend to cause motorcycle accidents more than the motorcyclists themselves, but motorcyclists tend to cause more of these accidents by reaction errors. Many motorcyclists report not reacting in time to avoid the collision. Decision failures tie into this because they involve not making a safe decision. They can be caused by misperceptions or reckless decisions to turn left at the last minute or cut the other driver off.

Negligent actions by either party can also lead to these accidents. Drinking alcohol, using drugs, and texting while driving can all increase the chances of a motorcycle accident.

Discerning between these causes is important for your accident claim. Your auto insurance company will want to know what led to the accident. The more details you can give them, the better.

Vital Steps to Take After a Florida Motorcycle Accident

The first thing you want to do after a motorcycle accident as a motorcyclist is check yourself for serious injuries. Call 911 if you suspect any. If you experience extreme pain in your back or head, you may want to move cautiously and try to rest until paramedics arrive because these can indicate severe injuries that might worsen with movement. Looking at signs of Florida brain injuries can help you assess the situation. The same goes for broken bones.

Other Florida motorcycle accident steps you should take include writing down the other driver’s contact and insurance information, writing down what led to the accident, and taking down witness names. Take pictures, if possible, of your injuries and any damages to your vehicle. Ask for a copy of the police report and obtain a copy of your medical records for your accident claim.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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