What Do Florida Child Seat Laws Require?

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What Do Florida Child Seat Laws Require?

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Not everyone knows what age levels require certain types of restraining devices while driving. Different ages require different uses of restraints to reduce the chances of severe injuries in an accident. Being aware of child restraint laws in Florida can also help you avoid potential penalties for not following these laws. However, if you were in a serious accident, consider asking a Tampa car accident lawyer for help.

Basics of Florida Child Seat Laws

When it comes to Florida child seat belt laws, they vary in requirements depending on age. Anyone age 6 or older can wear a normal seat belt. However, children aged 12 or What Do Florida Child Seat Laws Require?younger should not be sitting in the front of the car. Airbags have been known to cause serious injuries to children aged 12 or younger.

For children aged 3 or younger, Florida laws require them to be restrained with a separate carrier or restraining device. This is not a booster seat, but a car seat designed for infants. Booster seats are required for children between the ages of 4 through 5, or the use of an integrated child seat or separate carrier.

Booster seats and car seats can be found in stores and online at varying prices. Finding ones that best fit your child’s size is highly recommended for safety reasons. Choosing a cheap, broken, or wrong-sized car seat could be dangerous for your child. In the event of a car accident, you want a car seat that will hold up.

Since Florida seat belt laws are primary enforcement laws, police officers can pull drivers over. The only reason the officer needs is to see someone without a seat belt on. This could lead to certain consequences.

Consequences of Not Following Seat Belt Laws

The legal consequence of not following seat belt laws in Florida is a deduction of driver’s license points. This may require the driver to attend a class on seat belt safety for children. Not following through with this may lead to certain restrictions.

The tragic reality of parents not following child seat belt laws is thousands of deaths and injuries to children. There are several seat belt-related car accidents with tragic results. Around 9,608 children aged 12 or younger passed away in 2019 from car accidents, 38% of which were unrestrained. Car seats decrease the chances of injury by at least 71% while booster seats reduce injury by 45% for children.

This number climbs higher, up to 50%, reduction rates for injuries for adults and older children who use seat belts. If you suffered major injuries from a car accident, contact a Tampa car accident lawyer for assistance. A lawyer can help you file a claim for significant compensation.

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