What Gear Should Motorcyclists Wear to Keep Them Safe?

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What Gear Should Motorcyclists Wear to Keep Them Safe?

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Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of severe and life-threatening injuries in traffic accidents compared to other drivers. Certain types of motorcycle gear can reduce the chances of these injuries significantly. However, if you did suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident with someone else, you could be eligible for compensation. Talk to a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer to find out how to request compensation.

Motorcycle Protective Gear Guide

Most people already know about how motorcycle helmets prevent head injuries. Some states require motorcyclists to wear helmets while on the road. Experienced motorcyclists are more likely to be aware of other protective motorcycle gear that can reduce the chances of severe injuries.

This gear includes rain suits, cold weather gear, gloves face shields or protection, footwear, and goggles. Some motorcyclists may use more or less of these different types of gear than others. Various motorcycle suits can be used for different occasions.

Rain suits, for example, are helpful during anticipated rain because they are waterproof. This makes driving a motorcycle easier in the rain when the motorcyclist is not distracted by being soaked in water. Cold weather gear helps in the same way by keeping the motorcyclist focused on driving instead of freezing.

What Gear Should Motorcyclists Wear to Keep Them Safe?

Gloves help prevent blisters that can make it hard to maintain a firm grip over time. Certain gloves with padding or armor components can reduce the chances of abrasions and other injuries in an accident. Face shields or protection can be added under a helmet or be built into a motorcycle helmet. They reduce the chances of disfigurement and facial fractures in accidents.

Motorcycle goggles are important for keeping strong wind and debris from the eyes when riding. All it takes is a minor eye irritation to cause a mistake that can lead to a major accident. Goggles also reduce eye injuries in accidents. Lastly, footwear protects from thermal burns from exhaust pipes and debris in accidents.

Does Protective Gear Really Decrease Motorcyclist Injuries?

Many people wonder whether motorcycle gear is worth paying for to reduce the chances of an injury. One motorcycle accident study showed that the use of motorcycle body armor and protective clothing significantly decreased the severity of injuries and hospitalizations. However, this gear can only go so far and was not able to prevent bone fractures.

In the event of a motorcycle accident, the most important thing is to become aware of your body. Figure out what injuries you might have and be cautious when moving to avoid further damage. Call 911 if your injuries are severe.

Consider contacting a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer for help with your injury claim. A lawyer can help you collect evidence to defend your claim.

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