What If a Dangerous Vehicle Design Caused My Car Accident?

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What If a Dangerous Vehicle Design Caused My Car Accident?

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Figuring out what caused your car accident is the most important step for any car accident claim. You will need this information to know who to see compensation from. If the car accident only involved the other driver, then you should be compensated by the auto insurance company. However, if a defective vehicle design caused the accident, you might be able to obtain compensation elsewhere. Talk to a Tampa personal injury attorney about whether you can file a product liability lawsuit against the auto company.

What is A Dangerous Vehicle Design?

Before you can know whether to sue the auto company that made your car, you need to know what counts as a dangerous design. There are minor design defects and dangerous vehicle design defects that can impact your car in various ways. Minor defects have no effect on your safety but might create minor annoyances. Dangerous defects have the potential to cause injury or death.

Common examples of dangerous design defects include:

  • Fuel system leakages that can cause firesWhat If a Dangerous Vehicle Design Caused My Car Accident?
  • Faulty wheels that crack and break
  • Poorly done wiring systems
  • Accelerator controls that stick to the floor
  • Defective steering components that make a driver lose control
  • Brake systems that malfunction

Finding a design defect may require the help of a professional mechanic. Many people have their cars repaired after an accident. This process may reveal a design defect but might not if the damages from the accident are severe enough to hide the defect.

If you suspect a design defect, consider contacting a Tampa accident lawyer to see what your investigation options are. A lawyer can help you search for evidence to support your claim.

Who Do I Sue for a Dangerous Vehicle Design?

Once you have found a design defect that caused the accident, the next question is who you should sue. This depends on your damages and how much additional compensation you need. If your auto insurance company covered all your damages after the accident, then you may want to stop there.

Pursuing a lawsuit in court can be a tedious and costly pursuit. Weighing the benefits and costs of taking these extra steps is in your favor. Since Florida is a no-fault state, you will automatically be compensated by the auto insurance company. However, if this compensation is not enough, you can sue the driver when your injuries are severe.

If a vehicle design defect caused the accident, you may want to sue the vehicle company. What Florida comparative negligence laws can do for you is divide up fault amongst each party who contributed to the accident. This may let you receive more compensation overall.

Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

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