What If I Was Injured at a Theme Park in Florida?

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What If I Was Injured at a Theme Park in Florida?

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Not everyone knows what to do if they were injured at a theme park. You might be eligible for significant compensation if you suffered injuries on an amusement park ride or from a theme park attraction. Depending on what happened, you might be able to sue for damages to help pay for your medical bills and other expenses caused by the accident. To better figure out your situation, talk to a Tampa personal injury attorney to see what steps you can take.

Hidden Dangers of Amusement Parks

Theme parks are more dangerous than people realize. There are a variety of hidden dangers that exist in different amusement park rides and attractions. All it takes is one defective theme park ride to cause serious injuries or death. Even if the engineering of these attractions is solid, accidents can still happen from:

  • Lack of theme park management
  • Not repairing various issues when they arise
  • Faulty designs
  • Defective parts used to create or repair the ride
  • Failing to pay attention to warning signs of a defect

In the year 2017 alone, around 29,400 people suffered injuries from theme park attractions and in 2010, an estimated 22 people were killed by them. A lot of the problems revolve around the fact that each state inspects amusement park rides differently. There is a lack of inspection standards to ensure rides and attractions are safe at all times.

Who Do I Sue for a Theme Park Injury?

The real challenge with suing an amusement park owner after suffering injuries is figuring out the reason you are suing. This reason is not the injuries you suffered, but rather the exact cause of your injuries. Causes of theme park accidents range from user errors to defective parts. Some common causes of theme park injuries include:

  • Lack of maintenance and annual inspections of theme park ridesWhat If I Was Injured at a Theme Park in Florida?
  • Defective theme park ride parts
  • Design flaws in the theme park ride itself
  • Failure to repair known problems with a theme park ride
  • Intentionally replacing theme ride parts with used or defective parts

Your type of lawsuit depends on which of these causes affected you. If a defective part caused the accident, then you can file a product liability lawsuit against the product manufacturer. However, if the cause involves poor theme park maintenance, then you might file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. Personal injury claims can be filed when the cause is different from these.

Consider contacting a Tampa accident lawyer if you are unsure which lawsuit to pursue. A lawyer can help you collect the evidence you need for a strong claim.

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