What if My Car Accident Claim is Rejected?

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What if My Car Accident Claim is Rejected?

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Finding out your car accident claim was denied can be disheartening when you are in need of financial assistance. The last thing you want to worry about after a car accident is dealing with a denied claim and no compensation for your losses. There are several legal options that can be taken in this type of situation. Discussing your situation with a Tampa car accident lawyer might help you reach a faster solution.

Reasons Car Accident Claims Are Rejected

Car accident claims are rejected more often than people might think and for reasons people may not realize. In many cases, the people submitting these claims did everything they thought was right. They followed all the steps, submitted the evidence, and turned in the requested documents. When their claim is still rejected, many people feel discouraged and give up.

You may not have to give up because there are options. Looking at reasons for denied insurance claims may help you figure out why your claim was rejected. Once you know the reason, you can start taking steps to have your claim accepted, bringing you closer to compensation.

One of the most common reasons is a lack of evidence or information. In cases like these, you may just need to submit additional evidence or documentation. You can contact the insurance agent and ask what other information is needed. Be careful about answering certain questions because your answers could be used against you. Consider contacting a Tampa accident lawyer if you have concerns.

At the same time, the reason for a denied accident claim might not always be on you. Some auto insurance companies deny claims for insufficient reasons like saving their company money. Cases like these may involve bad faith insurance practices like:

  • Delaying claims until the statute of limitations is up
  • Denying claims for no reason
  • Confusing or tricking claimants into signing away their rights
  • Refusing communication

Steps to Take After a Rejected Claim

You may not have to settle for little to no compensation if you suspect bad faith practices. Talk with a lawyer about your suspicions. A lawyer might be able to help you take legal action against the insurance agent to help you obtain the compensation you need.

Some lawyers will handle a disputed insurance claim by first attempting negotiations. When negotiations fail or the insurance company refuses to cooperate, then further legal actions could be taken. This may involve mediation or arbitration, lower cost solutions to legal disputes.

When these both fail, a lawyer may suggest taking your accident claim to court. While this might take more time and money, the end result could be more compensation to cover most or all of your car accident expenses.

Tampa Accident Lawyer

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