What Increases Car Accidents in the Summer?

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What Increases Car Accidents in the Summer?

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Not everyone realizes that more car accidents tend to happen in the summer, particularly for adolescent drivers. There are several potential reasons for this. If you were in one of these accidents, you might have legal options for compensation. Ask a Tampa car accident lawyer about whether you can file a car accident claim.

Do More Accidents Happen in the Summer?

In 2022 alone, summertime car accidents were higher for teenage drivers. The months of June, July, and August represented the highest rates of traffic fatalities for adolescents. This could be because teenagers are out of school for the summer, going on road trips and events with friends.

The idea that traveling with friends to events could play a role is further supported by 50% of these fatalities occurring on the weekend. It is also known that alcohol significantly increases the chances of an adolescent driver experiencing a car accident. This risk is significantly higher compared to a drunk driver who is an adult.

At the same time, the use of alcohol by younger drivers has significantly decreased over the past several decades. Younger drivers are less likely to consume alcohol while driving. Other factors may play a role in summertime car accidents.

What Increases Summertime Car Accidents?

There are several changes that happen with summer. The most well-known change is the summer heat. Another change is increased vacation time. Since many teenagers are free from school with more What Increases Car Accidents in the Summer?opportunities to spend time with friends, traveling may increase. Teenagers might be more likely to travel more to social events in the summer compared to the winter.

Not only does this increase drivers on the road, but this also may increase how many teenagers are sharing a vehicle. Drivers with less driving experience may struggle to drive safely with more passengers in the car. Passengers can serve as a driving distraction by talking, yelling, and arguing.

Speeding, drowsy driving, drugged driving, and risky driving can all increase the chances of a car accident. These driving decisions might be more common in the summer months when many people have fewer responsibilities. Traveling long distances can also increase the chances of an accident due to driver fatigue. Summer is the most common time for prolonged road trips.

There are various summer driving tips that may help reduce these types of car accidents. The summer heat had been known to cause heatstroke to people left inside a vehicle without air conditioning. Heat also increases damage to engine belts and hoses. Regularly maintaining your vehicle can prevent accidents caused by unexpected vehicle failures.

Planning summer trips helps reduce feeling rushed while driving, which increases accidents. Avoiding risky driving like texting while driving reduces accidents. Try contacting a Tampa accident lawyer if you were in an accident.

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