When Weather Causes Car Accidents

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When Weather Causes Car Accidents

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Inclement weather can increase the chances of a car accident in a variety of ways. When another driver is involved in an accident like this, it can become difficult to figure out liability. Depending on certain factors surrounding the car accident, you could be eligible for compensation. Consider discussing your situation with a Tampa accident attorney to find out.

Weather-Related Causes of Car Accidents

Not everyone realizes how much weather can impact driving safely on the road. Rain is one of the most well-known weather conditions associated with car accidents. Wet roads lead to hydroplaning and flipping of vehicles. However, there are several other weather-related car accidents caused by weather conditions like:

  • Strong windsWhen Weather Causes Car Accidents
  • Fog
  • Snow and sleet
  • Flooding

Winds that are strong enough have the ability to create resistance when steering and trying to stay in the proper lane. Hurricanes and strong winds can disrupt steering stability, traffic speed, and visibility. When winds come with dust and debris, drivers may find it harder to see while driving. This may also impact a driver’s ability to accurately judge distance.

Fog creates similar effects, but at a much stronger level. Thick fog can reduce a driver’s ability to see anything a few feet ahead of the vehicle. This significantly increases the chances of car accidents by preventing drivers from detecting other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Snow and sleet create similar hazards to rain but often to a greater degree. When ice and snow build up on roads, the roads can lose more traction than during rainy weather. Ice can make a driver completely lose control of the vehicle to the point of veering off the road and brakes having no effect.

Flooding creates the risk of vehicles becoming stuck. Drivers who fail to judge the depth of water collected on roads may find themselves trapped by flooding. Other vehicles may impact them from behind as a result.

How Does Compensation Work with Weather Accidents?

Many drivers wonder who is deemed at fault for a multi-vehicle accident during inclement weather conditions. Since Florida is a no-fault insurance state, this means both drivers are compensated for damages regardless of who was at fault. Both drivers must still collect information and evidence pertaining to the accident.

Be sure to collect the other driver’s contact and auto insurance information to ensure your accident claim is processed. Submit as much evidence as you can with your claim including pictures, a police report, and medical records. If your injuries were severe, try contacting a Tampa accident lawyer to explore whether you can sue for additional compensation. A lawyer can help you maximize your compensation for things like pain and suffering.

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