Why Following the Right of Way is So Important

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Why Following the Right of Way is So Important

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Drivers follow right of way rules nearly every day, sometimes without even realizing it. We are all so used to stopping at stop signs, slowing down at yield signs, and letting pedestrians cross the road that we yield automatically. More complicated scenarios or new situations that involve yielding the right of way can sometimes throw drivers off. This is when car accidents tend to happen. Talk to a Tampa car accident attorney if this happened to you.

Right of Way Rules

The right of way rule simply states that drivers must slow down or stop at certain times to let other drivers or pedestrians pass by. In some cases, the right of way is mandated by law. Whereas, in other situations, the right of way is up to the driver’s interpretation of the situation. Situations, where the right of way is mandated, involve:

  • Stop signs or stop lights
  • Yield signs
  • Pedestrian crosswalks
  • Construction sites
  • School buses

Knowing when and how to use the right of way often becomes complicated at intersections. This is because there are so many things going on at intersections at once. Whether you are turning right, left, or where a crosswalk is, knowing what other drivers will do is almost impossible.

Why Following the Right of Way is So Important

The best practice to use at intersections is caution. Follow the lights if there are lights and think twice before going ahead on four-way stops. All it takes is one driver’s misperception to cause an accident. You can also:

  • Slow down enough to be prepared to stop
  • Double-check for pedestrians and drivers
  • Always yield to drivers coming toward you when turning

When you feel like you and the other driver stopped at the same time at a four-way stop, yield to the driver to your right. Waiting a few more seconds is better than suffering the damages that could result.

Consequences of Ignoring the Right of Way

Ignoring right of ways rules can lead to a lot of legal problems if a car accident results. Part of car accident lawsuits is negligence. When it comes to car accident negligence, any driver who breaks traffic laws is often automatically deemed as negligent. Breaking yield of way rules falls into this category.

If you suffered injuries from a car accident caused by a negligent driver, then you could be eligible for significant compensation. When your injuries and other damages are severe enough, you might be able to sue for additional compensation. To do this, you must prove the other driver acted with negligence.

Consider contacting a Tampa auto accident lawyer to see what steps this requires. A lawyer can help you collect evidence to defend your claim.

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