Will Breed Affect the Outcome of My Dog Bite Claim?

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Will Breed Affect the Outcome of My Dog Bite Claim?

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You may have heard how some dog breeds are more dangerous than others. This leaves many people filing dog bite claims wondering if the dog’s breed could impact their claim. In the state of Florida, certain laws can affect your dog bite claim based on whether the dog has been categorized as dangerous in the past. Knowing these laws is essential for building a strong claim. Talk to a Tampa personal injury attorney to learn more.

Will Breed Impact My Dog Bite Claim?

The circumstances of what happened and whether the dog was deemed dangerous in the past are what will impact your claim the most. When it comes to dog bite claims, you will be going up against what the dog owner says happened. Dog owners will try to defend their dogs and finances as much as possible during the dispute.

The Florida dog bite laws state that the classification of a dog as dangerous can automatically hold the owner at fault. When the dog bites someone else or another animal without being provoked, the owner could face a misdemeanor. However, the dog owner can be charged with a felony if their dog causes severe injuries or death to someone else.

What will happen is the dog will be taken by animal control for at least 10 days. Within this time period, the dog owner will be able to have a hearing or file an appeal. The one exception to these legal consequences is if the dog attacked someone who was committing a crime.

How Florida Laws Deem Dogs Dangerous

Florida laws define dangerous dogs as dogs that have attacked someone in the past and could pose a potential threat to others. What usually happens is the initial incident of the dog attacking someone happens and animal control is sent to investigate. This investigation will help determine whether the dog should be categorized as dangerous.

The key factors that determine whether a dog can be deemed dangerous are:

  • Whether the dog attacked someone else or a domestic animal withoutWill Breed Affect the Outcome of My Dog Bite Claim? provocation
  • Whether there were any exceptions to the attack like a crime being committed
  • Whether the dog owner files an appeal against the claim that the dog is dangerous

At the end of the investigation, animal control must inform the dog owner of the final decision. The dog owner can file an appeal, have the dog euthanized, or follow the restrictions of keeping a dangerous dog. These restrictions include keeping the dog away from others and obtaining a rabies vaccination.

Consider contacting a Tampa personal injury lawyer if you were bit by a dog. A lawyer can help you obtain significant compensation.

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